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SprayLite Cooking Spray

What are the contents of SprayLite?

SprayLite Cooking Spray is made from soyabean oil, lecithin from soybeans and propellants. Butter flavor cooking spray contains artificial and natural butter flavors and beta-carotene (for color) in addition to the ingredients in the original cooking spray. SprayLite Olive Oil is made from the finest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, lecithin from soybean and propellants.
However All Natural SprayLite is 100% vegetarian and free from alcohol and does not contain any gluten or MSG.

How should SprayLite be used?

Cooking sprays are used in a variety of ways. The most basic is to spray cookware such as skillets, baking pans, casseroles and muffin pans with or without non-stick coatings. They are also helpful in preventing food from sticking to utensils such as spatulas, wooden spoons, measuring cups and skewers.

Can SprayLite be used for Microwave Cooking?

Spray-lite is ideal for microwave cooking.Just spray on microwave container before adding food for healthier/lighter cooking and also make clean-up easier.

How should SprayLite be stored?

Store Spray-lite at room temperature, ensuring that the plastic cap has been replaced properly. Clean the nozzle with a tissue or cloth periodically.

Do not refrigerate.

How long can SprayLite be stored?

The epiry date stamped on the bottom of the can is the date that ensured quality and allows for a reasonable period of stoage and usage (2 to 3 months) after that date. Spray-lite is safe to eat for an indefinite period of time.

Why should we use Spray-lite instead of regular cooking oil?

Spray-lite has 0.3 grams of fat in a serving ( for comparison there are 1.4 grams of fat in a regular spoon of oil and 28.35 grams of fats in an ounce.) According to NLEA regulations, amounts  less than 0.5 grams of fat are shown as "0 gram" on the nutition fact panel uner total fat. For more information visit Spray-lite poducts page.

Can SprayLite be sprayed directly on food?

Yes. All ingredients in SprayLite are U.S. FDA approved for food use and can be safely sprayed directly on food. Remember to preferbaly spray SprayLite on unheated food and surfaces and never spray SprayLite near an open flame.

SprayLite Flavor Finish

How should SprayLite Flavour Finish be used?

SprayLite Gourmet's Flavour Finish is an exciting new concept in garnishing. Just spray on the food as desired before serving for that ultimate flavour & aroma bursts that will make your dishes copme to life.

What are the contents of SprayLite Flavour Finish?

SprayLite Flavour finish contains all naatural essential extracts of the herbs with few variants infused in extra virgin olive oil and few are water based.

Does SprayLite Flavour Finish contaians any artificial flavours

No. SprayLite Flavour finish does not contain any artificial flavours.

SprayLite Pan Coating

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